Roof Management Program

Innovative and sensitive to the needs of our Clients, we have successfully developed a Program that spans the worlds of roof technology and asset management. Today, our firm has over 50 million square feet of roofing enrolled in our Roof Management Program annually. The Program covers a wide spectrum of construction and function – High Tech, R & D, Commercial, Industrial, Low to High-Rise, Apartments and Shopping Centers. Our Clients include Building Owners, Developers, REITs, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds as well as all levels of Asset and Facilities Management.

Our Roof Management Program was designed to meet two very important objectives – to maximize the useful life of each roof by providing superior inspection, reporting and maintenance service and to establish one set annual Roof Management fee.

Twice each year, all roofs are inspected and reports are issued on their condition, providing information about roof maintenance and repair costs, projected life expectancy and capital expenditures. These customized reports can be prepared for tiered reporting levels within each company. Our annual budget projections are prepared to meet any client’s deadline. Upon a sale, the Owner can provide the purchaser with a documented history of roof repairs and maintenance.

KBA’s trained field personnel are assigned to each roof and are responsible for their maintenance and care throughout the year. We know that this kind of accountability helps to identify potential problems and to protect and extend the useful life of each roof. The Roof Management Program also includes 24/7 leak call service.

By enrolling their buildings into the KELLEHER, BOYD & ASSOCIATES’ Roof Management Program, our clients have been able to reduce operating costs by eliminating unnecessary and inappropriate repairs, reducing roof leaks, ancillary water damage and financial claims. They have significantly reduced capital expenditures by avoiding unnecessary replacement, thereby ensuring that their roofs last all of their intended useful lives.